I am Jim. My wife, Maria, and I live in
northern Nevada.

I am just a 71 year old kid but I still like to be active
and do not sit around and keep the couch warmed
up. It's not real productive.

When we came to Nevada from Montana, I decided to
start working online and work from home.

Frankly, I had a real issue with the 9-5 daily grind thing.
However, the worst thing was the commute…To do that,
is the very definition of insanity. Fighting the traffic day
after day and doing it for 30 or 40 years rubbed me the
wrong way. So…that's why I work from home. I also enjoy
the time freedom  and being my own boss.

Now, if you feel the way I felt about all this, I would like
to help you get out of the daily grinder, too.

It truly is my desire to help you, also.

If you have any questions or if I can help you breakout
of the 9-5 rut, I am just a contact away.

Here's to Your Success,